In 2008 Leonard Shapiro met Italian artist Andrea Mariconti while in Milan and discussed the idea of holding an art workshop for vulnerable children in Cape Town, South Africa. Leonard has an organisation called ‘CRAFTSOUTHAFRICA‘. In 2009 Leonard organized the first workshop with kids in Gugulethu with Andrea facilitating the workshop. This is what is […]

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Mugendi M’Rithaa and African Design

I had a meeting with the highly sympathetic African design activist and educator Mugendi M’Rithaa in the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. He operates in the Faculty of Design and Informatics. He is a co-founder of Design With Africa, a network for sharing a knowledge base and to be an open forum for debates and […]

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The township where the centers are located. I visited ENZA in Cape Town, or actually on the outskirts of the city. It is a registered non-profit and public benefit organization based in the Paarl/Wellington area near the city. It aims to empower underpriviledged women and girls to build a future. It is driven by the […]

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Buffaloes in the heat of the day I went to this river to concentrate on two projects that I have to write. It is good to know of such places with tranquillity. They give you focus. I have many favourite places in my homecountry Iceland, windows to mountains or glaciers where I have drawn pictures […]

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