Mugendi M’Rithaa and African Design

I had a meeting with the highly sympathetic African design activist and educator Mugendi M’Rithaa in the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. He operates in the Faculty of Design and Informatics. He is a co-founder of Design With Africa, a network for sharing a knowledge base and to be an open forum for debates and […]

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The fortress that is located close to Maputo old harbour There is regularly a market of crafts here in Maputo, every Saturday morning in a square here in town, but occasionally also in the old colonial fortress. The regular market is fine if one can manage the fairly pushy salesmen. Interestingly it is clear that […]

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The Palace of the Nations in Geneva where I had a meeting with the people running the Programme on Creative Economy and Industry One part of development is culture. It is somewhat different from infrastructure and basic needs. Some time before moving to Mozambique I remember someone from Doctors Without Borders saying that those that […]

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Mozart is a school of crafts, where young people can attend for few months at the time to get experiences of the various traditions in making here in Maputo. There is ceramic, sewing, metalwork, jewelery and many more. There was a small festival last weekend with various performances by the young peope, a kind of  […]

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