I have collected access on this page to activities that I am directly involved in.

Strategic Design (A new page for posting material from our course in Strategic Design in Development)

Design Innovation for Gender Equality (A research and activist project for gender equality)

Nordic Dialogue (A dialogue between young designers about what is Nordic and how are we like and how are we different)

Porthofn (A food project in Iceland, a small fisheries and agricultural town)

Blue Factory (Our summer school in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland in creative activism, design and art)

Visual Greenland (A visual study by designers of Nuuk in Greenland)

Simple Living (A master student of mine located in Asia doing development work through visual design)

Iceland Dialogue (A common project in the Iceland Academy with participation by students from all departments having a conversation about creativity)

Design Innovation for Gender Equality in Korea (An official project to promote gender equality in South-Korea)

Imagined Space in Nuuk, Greenland (A study of one block of flats in Nuuk where students of design and film document living there)

The New and First School of Art and Design in Mozambique (A summary of blog information about my activity in establishing design education in Mozambique)

The New and First School of Art and Design in Mozambique (own website) (The official website of the art school in Maputo)

Cirrus Network – The network of Nordic and Baltic Design Schools  (The official website of collaborative activities between Nordic-Baltic design schools of which I am the leader)

ENZA in South Africa (A project that has the vision to help women and teenage girls who are forced to give up their babies due to their socio-economic circumstances. Product development)

Sustainable Sanitation Design (Susan Design, creating sanitation systems for urban slums that give a low cost, quality service to its populations)