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My philosophy is that people learn the most when they enjoy their work and have fun. Then the mind opens up and ideas pass through. So the most challenging task for the teacher is to make the subject interesting and the learning environment pleasurable. How to get the eyes sparkling with interest and create an […]

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Expressing Myself

My better part, Sóley, tells me often off and mostly for things related to philosophizing, theory, design and things about the world in general, rather than her telling me off for practical household issues. She is right in saying that I jump too fast to conclusions, – a very masculine thing to do like when […]

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Social Engineering and Service Design in Maputo

Here is a link to a photo album on facebook about this project Evangelican service designers talk like they have invented something new. I really do not care if people think they have invented the wheel again if it works and they are happy. But military planners, society builders, philosophers and architects (sometimes all in one […]

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We went last night to a video-art exhibition/event in Avenue des Artistes. This location is a very nice place here in Maputo, where they stretch canvas over the street in two places, put out furniture and run it as a bar/club. It is to be recommended to anyone visiting the city. We have been there […]

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