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Jürg Nanni in the Blue Factory

Goddur sitting, Jurg on the left and Dori (action man) on the right. During the summer weeks in Seyðisfjörður (Iceland) many guest come to town. The small village is actually located in the fjord where the international ferry from Norway, Smyril Line, ports. But the majority of those that linger in town are in one way […]

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Dancer and light express movement so beautifully. Alison Jaques in Oslo. DANCE IN OSLO Dance is movement, expressing emotions, telling stories, creating moments and images. Photography is photography of frozen moments not of the dance itself. Photography can never express dance. Dance is something that I have started enjoying more every day – as a […]

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I must admit that I have long time ago got completely sick of Design as understood by most. It is the development of products and services that nobody needs, the high streets full of far too cheap stuff, produced in underdeveloped communities in factories run by global conglomerates like H+M. 2-3 years ago there was […]

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In the Lunga Arts Festival last summer we met up with fashion designer Henrik Vibskov. He was working with one of the student groups there, named the fashion group. It was fun to follow their progress during the week, develop concept and then adjust to availability of materials and location. The group created a strong […]

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The office of Matador Media in Reykjavik is located in the University Innovation Facility, a collective space for small aspiring companies The StartupKids is a working title of a documentary-slash-research work by two enterprising young Icelanders. These are two young ladies that both lost their ‘stable’ job after the crisis in 2008. One of them […]

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The house seen from below. It is very close to the Varmá river, a river that was previously warm but now the hot springs have been tamed by the local authority district heating system. Although I work as a facilitator for design and creative people (job description: professor of design strategy) I do actually love […]

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PHOTO ALBUM OF NUUK BABYLON A block perched on a hill-top flying over the land, no landscaping, no gardening. It is like an alien space ship from ‘Denmark’ Indigenous building is the type of settlement where the accommodation is an integral part of nature and climate. Indigenous peoples are people, communities, and nations who claim […]

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