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I am not sure what to say! This is working against the stereo-typical beauty ideal and the pictures are beautiful. But I have to admit how bored I am with the concept of beauty contests iterating the cliche that every woman´s dream is to be beautiful. Take a look! Miss Landmine Tweet This Post

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What is a hacker? Is it a bad person? Not really. Is it someone that cheats? I guess so, but how? Answer: by knowing the systems that he/she is dealing with, looking out for new possibilities, new avenues, methods that are not allowed by the rules. But, that is design-methodology! We look out for the […]

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An interesting way to use design skills

A few weeks ago we went to Newcastle to see the final exhibition of the very interesting project Dott 07 (Design of the Times). Its a project run by the British Design Council, looking at how design can take part in developing more sustainable ways of living. Designers worked with the communities in North East England for […]

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Olof Kolte on sustainability

Friend Olof Kolte was invited to Iceland to give lectures on design and sustainability. The best and most critical magazine in the country took an interview asking Olof about his position on design and sustainability. He says: At your lecture, you spoke about the Internet as the “driving force in the explosion of productivity” in […]

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Dinner in Newcastle

We went for a Chinese in Newcastle while attending the Intersections Conference. The conversation flowed and the red wine flowed with interspersions of great dishes. Allan, one of the contributors of Core77 had to text his wife and lo and behold: his iphone appeared. He said that he had seldom in his life had as […]

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