”There is absolutely no economic crisis in corporate America.”




The four business gangs that run the US


Military-industrial complex.

Wall Street-Washington complex.

Oil-transport-military complex.


Jeffrey Sachs in his book, The Price of Civilisation, maintains that corporate wealth translates into political power. This is something I have lived all my life in my small country Iceland. This happens through campaign financing corporate lobbying between government and industry, in Iceland mostly fisheries and power development. This translates into further wealth through tax cuts, government benefits and sweethearth contracts. Sachs says that four key sectors of US business take over the governance through corporatocracy. In Iceland one knows the few that control the governance and shift their funds to foreign hidden funds to play more games.

The four that Jeffrey counts for USA are: 1) Military-industrial complex. 2) Wall Street-Washington complex run by a few politically powerful Wall Street Firms. 3) The big Oil-transport-military complex looking out over locations that provide while culture and the life of people is ignored. 4) Health-Care-Industry is number four and is America’s largest industry, absorbing no less than 17 per cent of US domestic production.

“Pharmaceutical firms set sky-high prices protected by patent rights; Medicare [for the aged] and Medicaid [for the poor] and private insurers reimburse doctors and hospitals on a cost-plus basis; and the American Medical Association restricts the supply of new doctors through the control of placements at medical schools.”

The result of this pseudo-market system is sky-high costs, large profits for the private healthcare sector, and no political will to reform.

Thes facts are the reason why the idustries made such an effort to overthrow Obama from control. Sachs says the main thing to remember about the corporatocracy is that it looks after its own. It was a revelation when I read that the cost of health industry per person in Cuba is only 6% of the cost per person in the US but the people in Cuba are no more sick than in the USA. It is all created needs and problems that we can deal with on our own if the specialists are not taken along.

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