In memoriam


This website was precious to my dear husband Halldor Gislason – He loved to communicate, inspire and share ideas and good projects. Dori sadly passed away on the 8th of December 2013 after two and a half years of fighting brain cancer. 

Dori was the most energetic, enthusiastic and life loving man I have known and I know he lives on in the minds and hearts of all the people that knew him. I want to keep the site open so his writing can continue to be an inspiration.

Dori’s brain cancer attacked his writing and reading skills. But he was a fighter and continued to publish posts until his ability to read and write was all gone.

The site was down for a while because the initial domain was hijacked and difficult to get back. So now the site has the domain

Soley Stefansdottir

For contact: soleyst(at)

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