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ECO-BLING! To Decorate Ourselves with Sustainablility

Celebrities decorate themselves with eco-lifestyle! Celebrity David De Rothschild sails around in a boat made from plastic bottles. Is this a worthwhile effort or is it ECO-BLING? A while ago I was in a meeting in Oslo about design and creative industries, one of many. We were representatives of design education, the business and industry […]

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Today, 2,6 billion people live without access to a toilet and even though the year 2008 was the United Nations Year of Sanitation, there is little attention and investment in this sector. Major effort is needed globally in order to create hygienic sanitation facilities for millions of people. Water latrines and sewerage systems like we […]

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The main boundary wall to the right when entering the site is painted with the mural by Gilles and Cecilie The Danse’Artes project is moving in strides. Construction is in full action and sure has to be since the first opening ceremony is planned next week on the 23rd of June. The project is a […]

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Filimone Meigos, director of ISAC and Cecilie Broch Knudsen, rector of KHiO, the two leaders that have signed the formal cooperation agreement on June 15th 2010. As those that have followed my work for a while know, I have been working in Mozambique supporting the establishment of the promising new and first National Academy of […]

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