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Social Design and Relational Design

I am an architect. Architecture deals foremost with people, not buildings. Architecture deals with how people live, interact, protect themselves etc. As an architect have I never been able to create structures and plans without people. Since I am brought up in theater my way of designing has been to make up plays of life; theatrical […]

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Leaving Oslo, phase one

The first phase of our project after all the applications, planning, interviews and program participation is to leave dear Oslo. We have lived here for 4 years now, a very family friendly place with lots of new friends. We have been to dinners and invited for coffee, going around shopping things to take away, strengthening […]

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The Problem with Big Green

Green is getting mainstream… Big Green! Here is an article on worldchanging with an interview with Dr. Tom Crompton, author of the WWF recent report Weathercocks and Signposts: the environment movement at a crossroads The problem with the small green steps is that it doesn´t seem to lead to bigger steps and a deeper care for the […]

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