Recycle or Die says their web statement. The wonderful sisters from Neskaupsstaður a small town in Iceland that last week ran a hard core death metal music festival. The best fashion designers in Iceland are a bunch of sisters that have developed a specific fashion line and attitude over the last 15 years. Their fashion is […]

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The students in the fashion section are displaying their work now, before end of semester. This is work by 2nd year students after a fun course where experimentation with materials and styles prevail. Here is a link to some photos from the event. Tweet This Post

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Fashion design students planning outfits It gives me pleasure to disseminate the ambience and work of the students in the academy in Mozambique. There are not so many openings for the students to show their work nor information about the school. Here is a little album showing moments in the ISArC campus in November 2010, […]

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Celeste Rodrigues Cambaza is a Fashion Designer in Mozambique

Celeste Rodrigues Cambaza has been active in Maputo, but has now shifted to Sweden and intends to develop her skills there while also basing her work in the traditions and inspirations from her home country. I helped her put up a simple portal about her work. I hope she will be able to develop this […]

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End of semester presentation in ISArC

The students working the final touches on their group work before presentation. This is the fashion gang in front and the product designers in the distance. This week was the final week of the first formal semester in ISArC here in Maputo. Yes, ISArC is the name from now on. The leadership is developing vision […]

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Mozart is a school of crafts, where young people can attend for few months at the time to get experiences of the various traditions in making here in Maputo. There is ceramic, sewing, metalwork, jewelery and many more. There was a small festival last weekend with various performances by the young peope, a kind of  […]

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