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Alexandro and his gang have started weaving our dining furniture. I had a look yesterday at the progress. I pass them every morning when I go to the local bakery to fetch the morning bread. The frame is made of steel concrete reinforcement and I think Alexandro welds this himself. He is a very positive […]

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Furniture out of local straw

Furniture here is very simple if you like. The guys weave it out on the street, one understands the process immediately by looking at them. Anyone can come with a design, a drawing or just an idea and they tailor it for them. Since we are settling in here in Mapto, we need furniture, and […]

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North to South

Finally all our possessions have left dear Oslo. These bags are the last bits in the Airport train out of Oslo. My job now is to stack most of our boxes into a room in Reykjavik and then fly South with Andri. We both agree that we do own too many things, even though we […]

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