There are happy and fundamental days for the first graduation in ISArC in Mozambique. The program has run over three years now and the first graduation took place on Friday 30th of November 2012!

Congratulations to all! Here are some images from the event!

Here are some images from our work there over the time.


An other album

Today it is over six years since I met for the first time Mr. Victor Sala from Mozambique when he came for a visit to my office in Oslo when I was running the Faculty of Design there.I have the notes from our meeting that took place on September 6th 2006, so time does really pass fast when one is enjoying life. Mr Sala has been involved in running a dance project supported by Norwegians in Mozambique. That is an other story but explains our encounter. One of my students had asked to be allowed to do a short visit to Maputo because her mother ran the Norwegian support program for the youth in Mozambique. I guess they managed to get travel funds also for the daughter. I remember best that I was not so keen on going South because I had just returned from other foreign travels and wanted to spend my time with the family. I kind of went there gruntling but also thought: “Maybe this becomes something good like the parties that one does not like to go to and then become the best parties of all!?” And this is how things turned out. I will report a bit about our work together. The students and administrators and teachers locally have been great to work with and one is finally proud that the students have finished the complete BA program there.

The classic academic group with president Gebusa and rector Meigos in the centre.

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