The title of this blog can be very arrogant. We often do not know what is well done and how to measure. I am these days using short version in measuring what and how is well done using five classes:  DIVERSITY, EARTH, ENERGY, FOOD, TECHNOLOGY. This I will explain better at a later stage, but I am working on some projects now that use this classification.

This way I can try to measure in my mind how things are dealing with our current conditions, how we work to a possible future. The TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE has become also my way of measuring the quality of design and basically how people, products deal with our conditions. A website has been sent to me with various solutions and some of them I really like.

For example is this toilet solution so silly and simple while it deals with fundamental issues that we are arriving at. Of course the future is Sustainable Sanitation but at least there is promotion of environmental thought in this solution. I like it and also put here a few links that people might enjoy looking through.

WELL DONE STUFF (various solutions to daily things)

SUSAN DESIGN (a different way to deal with sanitation)

GENDER DESIGN IN KOREA (a local competition dealing with gender issues)

DESIGN TO IMPROVE LIFE (examples of design for improvement)

DO IT YOURSELF (doing it yourself meets the web)