Primus Motor for ISAC, Dr. Alda Costa presents a seriograph to the Minister of Education

Today, September 3rd we are very proud that the new academy is at last started here in Maputo. There was a formal ceremony in the morning with all the necessary people present, giving speeches with comments about the great future the school will have and how it will change the cultural life of this nation. We become filled with humility to be allowed to participate in this event and all the chaotic work that has been going on during the process to this day is forgotten and only feeling of proudness can be stated. We have participated as representatives from the North, from Norway on behalf of KHiO, The National Academy  of the Arts, and on behalf of LHÍ, The Iceland Academy of the Arts. It is great to get the opportunity to support and use the large pool of resources from our friends in Cirrus, the network of Nordic-Baltic design schools andCumulus, the global network of design schools.


A choir sang for us on the way to the ceremony, the mayors of the town of Matola and and the mayor of Maputo, the Minister of Education and Culture, the new director of ISAC and all of us others.


Banners lined the ISAC campus wall in Av. de Industria on the outskirts of Maputo in the town of Matola

This is not really a blog about the event, but a collection of photos hoping that those that follow our activities here can in a small way participate in our pleasure. We have tried to concentrate on the program for the design department (Dori and Karina and Soley), but in such a small group and with so many things to do before the opening we became somewhat sucked into many of the practicalities. It was very fortunate that we have managed to run some clear planning meetings earlier so that we have responses on hand when issues have cropped up. Now comes the challenge of running the education.

Here is a link to a larger photo album from the opening day.


A group of dancers welcomed the guests on the way to visit Annett Bourquin’s photo exhibition in the gallery


The Design Department at this stage: Karina Gonsalves and Dóri


Last minute touches done by Maimuna and the guys were putting up the blinds for projection room


People leaving the ceremony room. Sóley, Sílvia Braganca, Jose Paiva from Porto, representing Identdidades, a cooperative project between Porto and Maputo


Celebration mood, Dóri and José Paiva from Porto, Victor Sala, the director of ENAV and Estella from ENAV


Computers waiting to open the world of Design and Art to the students.

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