I have had great time in Iceland running the course named ‘Dialogue’. A ‘time out’ moment for the students and teachers to talk together, meet each other cross the specializations in the Iceland Academy of Art.

The course and the dialogue culminated in the final presentation by Andri’s group with a Rave in a disused power station that creative people are taking over. Mostly designers have moved in with their computers and sketch books, but they have also put some workshops already for making prototypes and models of their ideas. The rave was directed towards the old and the new economy. Will anything change? Many people in Iceland are sceptical and there are factions in the country working toward protecting their rights to natural resources and others that want to open new avenues for creative people and culture. The future is there to take it. This video records parts of the evening. The only enhancing drug in the place was dance!

And here is an other video of the very nice spirit that was over the work in the disused fish factory on the harbour front in Reykjavik.

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