A simple sign saying ‘ORGANIC’ in Icelandic in front of the food stand. Lovely attempt and will grow over the summer they tell me.

Lovely to see the shoppers inspecting and actually buying aswell.

It is lovely to follow how we are slowly moving from the madness of progress and commercial enterprises. I know it is slowely and sad situation when compared to the enterprisal madness of capitalistc production and especially trading that is actually killing our planet. We are for example at the moment using 1,4 of the energy that we should from the planet, rather than 1,0 or less. This means that our planet will not survive for many decades if this continues. We all agree this and know. Therefore it is so great to follow the small initiatives where people are consuming less, making local, trying to eat local and organic food. Today in Reykjavik there has started a small organic central market. Of course there have been local shops serving this but it is great to see this out in the street, more open to the public. Today I took a few photos of the gang starting the shop.

The market stand is lonely in the main square in town, but that will develop.


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