My friends in Mona-Trio are playing in Joburg this weekend and I wish them luck while knowing they do not need luck they are very pro in their preparations. I went to the studio last week to see their run through of the program and take some photos. I have realized that what I like […]

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The sign over the entrance to the arts gallery Núcleo de Arte is an old institution in Maputo. It is an important cultural and artists’ centre in the city. It is a collective for artists under the name of Associação Núcleo de Arte. It is the oldest collective of artists in Mozambique. Seated in an old […]

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The stage at the end of the concert. Cabocha on left playing the various drums, Cheny on the sofa with the Timbila, Zito to far right on drums and Nene behind the two lady singers, Thobile Mcincinini and Bongiwe Dlamini. The TIMBILA is a musical instrument in Mozambique, like a Xylophone. It is traditionally associated […]

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Jürg Nanni in the Blue Factory

Goddur sitting, Jurg on the left and Dori (action man) on the right. During the summer weeks in Seyðisfjörður (Iceland) many guest come to town. The small village is actually located in the fjord where the international ferry from Norway, Smyril Line, ports. But the majority of those that linger in town are in one way […]

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