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Have settled fairly well in Maputo now and have a flat in the dead center of town, very close to ENAV, the school that Soley works in. This means we walk back and forth all the time for practical things. We work a lot at home, having set up contacts and a table on the […]

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The Prime Minister of Iceland in the news in Mozambique

Here is a pdf of the page in full size to download Iceland is not one of the countries in the world that the people here in Maputo know much about. Many say ‘yes I know, Iceland’ but when the discussion goes a bit further they had Ireland in mind or the Netherlands. Even when […]

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Sketch Books in ENAV

The sketchbook is an important tool for the designers. It is where they write/draw/sketch down all the ideas that pop up in the, hopefully, creative mind and where they can collect and store all kind of visual material that is important. Many of my students here are not adjusted to use a sketchbook and I […]

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We live in a road named Patrice Lumumba. Like most roads in central Maputo it is named after a political hero. Lumumba was an anti-colonial leader in Africa and the first legally elected Prime Minister of the new Republic of Congo after he helped to win its independence from Belgium in June 1960. Only ten weeks […]

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