The Prime Minister of Iceland in the news in Mozambique


Here is a pdf of the page in full size to download

Iceland is not one of the countries in the world that the people here in Maputo know much about. Many say ‘yes I know, Iceland’ but when the discussion goes a bit further they had Ireland in mind or the Netherlands. Even when I was exchanging a cheque in the bank and explained I was from Iceland they kept on registering me as Irish and when I tried to correct they told me that Iceland (in english) was Ireland in Portuguese!
Therefore I was surprised and happy to see a whole page in the newspaper here about my dearly beloved prime Minister in Iceland, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir. The article appeared in the newspaper Verdade in february and I have been on the way to scan it and put here on the site. It is a good day today to do it because the elections are today.

There are many things I am not proud of in Iceland these days but having the first lesbinan priminister makes me very proud. I hope she gets a support today to continue!

April 25, 2009   Posted in: PONDERINGS