It is not and has never been easy to live on earth. This does not mean it should be hard and just difficult. We need art and mental stimulation to survive just like food and fresh air and water. We continue talking and writing now about how we are damaging our earth and how we can change how we are damaging our conditions. The words say:

“This glorification of easy isn’t limited to the newest environmental self-help books. The Web sites of the big U.S. environmental groups, the Environmental Protection Agency and even the American Association for the Advancement of Science offer markedly similar lists of actions that tell us we can change the world through our consumer choices, choices that are economic, simple, even stylish. Al Gore himself isn’t immune. His recent Live Earth concert featured a who’s-who lineup of celebrities who said that if we all do our little bit to recycle and conserve — the simple things, mind you, because that’s all we’ll need (translation: that’s all they think we’ll go for) — we can together rescue the world for our children and grandchildren.”

The issues ahead are large and we need hard workers and innovative people to deal with what to do. Everyone has to make the effort.

“The time for easy is over. We’re grown-ups who understand the necessity of hard work and difficult choices. We’re ready for frank talk about how we best confront — in ways rewarding, confusing, creative and hard — the planetary emergency before us.”

Look at this text to ponder further.


November 19, 2012   Posted in: PONDERINGS, SUSTAINABILITY