The Fortalezza is often used for small exhibitions, concerts and other public events. The sign says: Exhibition of young entrepreneurs “the idea to work” A fundamental part of design is entrepreneurship. We have different conditions to deal with it, promote and support. My participation in Mozambique is somewhat similar to when I was (and when I work) in Reykjavik. Both places […]

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Clothing and accessories. Look out for Worn by Worship Next Agust 2011 will be 10 years since I established the first Design and Architecture Faculty in the Iceland Academy of Art in Reykjavik, Iceland. Time has passed fast, design has changed direction greatly in this decade and Icelandic society has changed greatly. Much more than […]

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Vilhjálmur Þorsteinsson, chairman of CCP tells about the project that I initiated between the Reykjavik Business School and the Iceland Academy of Art. KreaNord is the name of an initiative in the Nordic region, aimed at improving the framework conditions of the region’s cultural and creative industries. Since it has been my job for the […]

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