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Next Agust 2011 will be 10 years since I established the first Design and Architecture Faculty in the Iceland Academy of Art in Reykjavik, Iceland. Time has passed fast, design has changed direction greatly in this decade and Icelandic society has changed greatly. Much more than I ever envisaged. The faculty turns out close to 50 graduates every year and these are different people that are now influencing the cultural environment in Iceland. They participate in projects, estabish companies, work with industry and business. And in the very pleasant environment today after the banks collapsed these young enterprising people are being heard and seen as the ones that give value to society and the economy. Actually last week was a report published that demonstrates from research that the creative industries turn over more value than the damaging aluminium industry that has been established in Iceland to much cost to the very delicate natural environment.

The shop space is a multi purpose space in Hugmyndahús Háskólanna

One of many things that have grown is something called Pop-Up-Shop. These are a great concept of hip shops that are gone before they go out of fashion as the media says. In Iceland it is a shop where young designers are able to sell and test their designs and products. This was started over two years ago by hard working fashion designers that were my students in the design faculty. The shop, as the name shows, has no location, but pops up at opportune moments in locations where there is potential and when they have enough products to display. I really enjoyed when the shop popped up in the Lunga Arts Festival in Seyðisfjörður last July and last weekend I visited my home town and visited them in Hugmyndahús Háskólanna, a location that has been hosted by the Iceland Academy for start-ups for creative companies. Here is a small photo album from the two day event showing great variety of Christmas gifts and outfits. I really love meeting them and feeling their positive stories through of course various issues that they have to face in a weak economy and a country with very little industry in this direction.

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