Crafts outputs in various forms for sale in the academy lobby

Our school in Oslo has a long tradition of running a shop just before Christmas. Our school is part of the crafts and arts environment in Norway and it is great when there is created an outlet for the products that come out. The Christmas shop is a kind of a Pop-Up-Shop, although it is based on different premises than the pop up concept that happens irrespective of location and institution. It is great to see visitors coming to the great school lobby, come into our new building so that they make the new campus as part of their map of culture in Oslo. The Christmas shop sells works by printmakers, jewelers, fashion designers etc. The photos tell the story. Of course there is also available the traditional Norwegian waffle and coffee. We are teaching our students (irrespective of field) to be entrepreneurs in their life and we hopefully will improve our support in that direction. The art and design education has had problems with adjusting to the present day situation when the location for our outputs have stopped being only galleries. The web like web shops (WornbyWorship is opening today in Iceland) and interaction through other more modern means is a more active location today.

Energetic student in fashion Hanne Aspelund selling her interesting products.

December 12, 2010  Tags: , , ,   Posted in: DESIGN, FASHION