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LUNGA is an arts festival/workshop for young people run by young people. This is run in the East of Iceland, in a narrow fjord with a small village named Seyðisfjörður. In July 2010 this took place for the 10th time. The young people allowed me to participate with a short lecture/dialogue about identity. This I […]

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British Petrolium, what is that? A relic from the British Colonialism raiding its pastures far away. Probably now not such a British company, but an international one. Probably one that our pension funds have invested their funds in without us knowing it. The ‘owners’ of companies today are faceless investors looking after their pension future […]

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End of semester presentation in ISArC

The students working the final touches on their group work before presentation. This is the fashion gang in front and the product designers in the distance. This week was the final week of the first formal semester in ISArC here in Maputo. Yes, ISArC is the name from now on. The leadership is developing vision […]

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