End of semester presentation in ISArC

The students working the final touches on their group work before presentation. This is the fashion gang in front and the product designers in the distance.

This week was the final week of the first formal semester in ISArC here in Maputo. Yes, ISArC is the name from now on. The leadership is developing vision and a comprehensive strategy for the school and the change in the name is part of that work. ISAC has actually been a difficult name since it actually comes from the bible and is not related to African culture. At least that is my opinion. The leaders headed by director Filimone Meigos have also started dialogue about the official website for the school and many other things that are neccessary for the formalizing of a Mozambican National Institute of Art, Design and Culture Education.

We had the final presentation by the design students this Thursday afternoon: One of the final projects this semester concentrated on transport design, where the fashion students looked at the use of uniforms and proposed types, the students in visual communication looked at information design as well as developing a profile for the public transport in Maputo. The product design students proposed a number of bus stop types, presented what is involved. Transport projects are very good tasks since they deal with so varied issues and are fundamentally interdisciplinary service design. Soley ran a transport project in ENAV last year that I participated in and it opened up many very interesting issues here in Maputo, where public transport services is still very underdeveloped. It is possible to see my earlier blog about that HERE

This work is of course first year level and has to be evaluated accordingly. The students come from various directions to the school; some from the ‘secondary level’ art school ENAV and others are actually teachers in that school today. Others come from private directions and some are civil servants. Therefore it is good to see how group work benefits them. The different capabilities support each other and they learn more. At the same time there is less focus in the final product or it is not complete.

Now the school takes the July ‘winter break’ and next semester starts the first days in August. The second semester will be run quite similarly to the first one albeit with one more course coming in. The next intake to the school happens in the longer ‘summer’ break in December/January. It will be great to start again and many things are planned for the second formal semester of ISArC. I fly home to Iceland for a small holiday and workshops.

Powerpoint presentation of possible logos and visual communication to the users.

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