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Never give up!

This is what we are told, through life, especially at young age. Is this really true? Quitting is only for loosers. Well, the theory says otherwise. Recentlty I bought the new book by the American economist John P. Kotter named: A Sense of Urgency. One of the revelations that I got from that book was his […]

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Leaving is easier than arriving. At last our things are gone into a container and off over the ocean. It has been lots of work to decide where everything goes, but it is good regularly to re-evaluate the overloaded Western home. We have lived a non-Ikea life, maintaining that it induces unsustainability. People look at […]

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Its a DogS Life

Well, things are tough in Maputo and also in Oslo. We are living in chaos, but surprisingly not so much anxiety in it. In Oslo everything is in boxes, most of our things go to our flat in Reykjavik and will be collected on Monday. That means packing. The packing itself is not the biggest […]

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Doing Good Projects

To Do Good! To do good projects have been on the increase recently. Social responsibility and ethics have taken over from profit and business innovation as the most discussed issues in design schools. The world of Al Gore, Bono, Architecture for Humanity and Design Without Boundaries has entered the design schools and even to some extent the […]

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