Never give up!

winnerThis is what we are told, through life, especially at young age. Is this really true? Quitting is only for loosers. Well, the theory says otherwise. Recentlty I bought the new book by the American economist John P. Kotter named: A Sense of Urgency. One of the revelations that I got from that book was his reference to the fact that those people that get things done, that make things happen are usually people that are good at ignoring the things that do not matter for their task. To see beyond the detail. Those that are good at forgetting the unimportant things. In my expeirence this is so true! It is important not to get bogged down in detail when projects have to move on. Forgetting is fundamental to creativity – total recall is only something that machines can do, and they are not creative.

Now Kate and Hege have ponted to me an article about quitting that I like. It is in the New York Tmes and the title is: Winners Never Quit? Well, Yes, They Do. At least this article comforts me, because in my life I have quit four safe and good jobs to move on to new pastures. Hopefully this does not stamp me a looser, and maybe I can feel a winner. Time will tell and not me. My companions have every time been surprised that I am leaving the job, but I have thought it worth it to do more things. The article and the book are good. To be recommended.

February 15, 2009   Posted in: PONDERINGS