North to South

Finally all our possessions have left dear Oslo. These bags are the last bits in the Airport train out of Oslo. My job now is to stack most of our boxes into a room in Reykjavik and then fly South with Andri. We both agree that we do own too many things, even though we have been going through a ‘trimming down’ period, for example banning IKEA (one of the most rubbish stimulating companies in the world) and mostly concentrating on creating experiences and opportunities. Moving to Maputo is one of those of course. The problem is ones vanity to need to own things, for us mostly books and they are becoming redundant. I have for example always taken with me my favourite books: The Complete Works of Plato, The Complete Works of Aristotle, Sir Bannister Fletcher, but now this material is all available on the net. That is of course great.

While staying in Reykjavik life is in netcafes, meeting friends and research partners and actually I am giving a lecture about design development on Tuesday in my old workplace The Iceland Academy of the Arts.

March 1, 2009   Posted in: PONDERINGS