Furniture out of local straw

nordicdogslitilFurniture here is very simple if you like. The guys weave it out on the street, one understands the process immediately by looking at them. Anyone can come with a design, a drawing or just an idea and they tailor it for them.

Since we are settling in here in Mapto, we need furniture, and what better than trying out the local production method. I have made some simple illustrations after looking at the guys up on the corner of Av. Lenin and Av. 24 July. They sit there all day weaving furniture. The material is local straw, that surely grows in salt water since the bed that Andri has got smells like the beach. But this is possible to warnish out if people do not like the sea smell.

I am going to investigate further the process, try to be allowed to come along to the guys that weld together the concrete steel reinforcement that they use for frame. But the straw is also very strong material on its own although it does not take structural forces. But this I can find out better later. The huts we stayed in last weekend in the small island of Inacha were made of the same straw material and protected us well from the torrential rain that came down in the middle of the night. Here are some images of the production and the dealings with the leader of the gang. Manucho came along with me to help with the language.


March 20, 2009   Posted in: DESIGN