Leaving is easier than arriving. At last our things are gone into a container and off over the ocean. It has been lots of work to decide where everything goes, but it is good regularly to re-evaluate the overloaded Western home. We have lived a non-Ikea life, maintaining that it induces unsustainability. People look at what is for sale and think: “Its ok to buy it, we will throw it away later!”
We have come to the conclusion that living in experiences is more fulfilling than living with things, but alas . . . we still have too many things. It is most difficult to deal with the vices: books and books, papers and tools for making things. But of course today life is impregnated with gigabytes, rearranging backups and servers to make sure that we will have access to our ideas stored in gigabytes. But, what a relief to live simpler for a while – until things start arriving at us like flies to a cows shit in the field.

February 10, 2009   Posted in: PONDERINGS