Sketch Books in ENAV

The sketchbook is an important tool for the designers. It is where they write/draw/sketch down all the ideas that pop up in the, hopefully, creative mind and where they can collect and store all kind of visual material that is important.
Many of my students here are not adjusted to use a sketchbook and I have found out that sketchbooks are not easy to find here in Maputo. All books have lines for writing. The students use sheets of paper and often do not take good care of them so the sketches are unorganized and get lost.
Therefore I decided to run a short course about the sketchbook and they all got a book for themselves. The books that were bought were drawing blocks that have a very weak glue binding. So me and Dori took one night in making a new cover and binding, both to make the books stronger and more beautiful.

It will take some time to introduce this method of working. Many of the students draw on separate sheets of paper and tell me that they will later repeat the drawing nicely into the book. But the purpose of the book is to have all the ideation and development of their projects in one place!
They have had the book for two weeks now and in two weeks time they are to hand them in for evaluation. I hope I will get books full of creative ideas and sketches.

April 19, 2009   Posted in: DESIGN, ISAC - KHiO