Have settled fairly well in Maputo now and have a flat in the dead center of town, very close to ENAV, the school that Soley works in. This means we walk back and forth all the time for practical things. We work a lot at home, having set up contacts and a table on the balcony so that one of us can sit there and the other at this desk that Alexander and his mates made for us out of the local straw (palha). Soley also has tutorials with the final year students here at home, which makes work easier for her not waiting and some not turning up.

Now, we have got better internet after changing the service provider and our wireless from Oslo works quite well. So, this picture shows our present office, where we work on the macs for our various projects. Anything from social operations through design, bookmaking and to arhitectural projections. The capulana on the white wall is there to give the modernistic white flat some colour, we also painted one wall blue to give us some backdrop, the fan is installed to make life bearable some days.

All in all, this is a fine office space without any comforts of modern office furniture. It might not treat our bodies well, but then we just have to remember to stand up often enough.

April 29, 2009   Posted in: PONDERINGS