Jürg Nanni in the Blue Factory

Goddur sitting, Jurg on the left and Dori (action man) on the right.

During the summer weeks in Seyðisfjörður (Iceland) many guest come to town. The small village is actually located in the fjord where the international ferry from Norway, Smyril Line, ports. But the majority of those that linger in town are in one way or other linked to art and design. The town is where the internationally active artist and graphic designer Dieter Roth spent part of his time when he was interested in the naivity of the Icelandic people. Today there are a number of people staying in town living on his legacy – but that is an other story.

This arts orientation in Seyðisfjorður is one of the reasons that there has been established a centre for visual arts in the East of Iceland named SKAFTFELL. Seyðisfjörður also hosts the summer school/art festival LUNGA where over 100 young people come for a large week in July and do workshops with renown artists/designers/teachers.

I spent time in Seyðisfjorður this summer in the Blue Factory, a disbanded herring factory that landed under a snow avalance in the 70’s. It is not permitted to stay there during the snowy winter months because of further avalance fears, but there is great opportunity to use it to house a simple art/design workshop during the summer. Todat there is a clearing process going on to realize this. Here are some images from our time there last July.


But during our stay there we (me and Goddur, professor of graphic design in the Iceland Academy of Art) had many visitors. One of them was Jürg Nänni, a mathematician and physicist that participates in various projects from THE VISUAL PERCEPTION LAB in Switcherland. He was assisting the Check artist Monica Frycova for her performance piece. He had come to solve some technical issues with the Swiss artist Roman Signer.

We had great time with Jürg, somehow there met similar minds in us two and Jurg. Here is a small video of his sound experiments.

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