Conversation in the meeting room in the Nordic Institute. The group explaining the project. Katja Nyborg from Napa on the far left.

Our project: VISUAL GREENLAND is one of a number of design strategic projects that I am participating in. It was a course run by our Cirrusnetwork, a network of the schools of design and art in the Nordic Region. This one was specifically enjoyable since we all were in Nuuk for the first time, meeting a culture that is both very close and from far afar. I decided that we should only look at the visual aspects to the Nuuk culture and make a kind of a synchronic study, meaning seeing today as it looks like (of course through the eyes of the foreign voyeur. To go for only visual aspects narrowed the study and made it possible in the short time we had for the visit. I would really like to visit the town again with product and clothing designers to look at other design and production factors.

Presentation in the seminar room of the Nordic Institute. From left: Dori, Katja Nyborg, Boas Møller, Maya, Sarah, Joane, Mats, Leise, Heikki and Arnor.

We were warmly supported by the leader of NAPA (the Nordic Institute in Greenland) Leise Johnsen and all her staff. We got seminar facilities and internet where we held the meetings between our individual voyages into the visual world. We discussed classifications and delegated tasks like: BUILDINGSSIGNS AND LOGOSGRAFFITILETTERS AND DRAWINGSTYPOGRAPHYPLAY – and many more things that we have collected on the website.  We were also so lucky to be in Nuuk during the Nuuk Rock Festival and managed to see a few of the bands there.

On the penultimate day we had a meeting with the staff in NAPA to explain our intention with the project, how we are looking and what might come out of it. We have also made our first links to this very large part of the Nordic community and the Cirrus Network that I am the leader of wants to create stronger links there. Now we are planning a small booklet that presents our findings and hopefully generates more interesting projects in design.

The Nordic Institute is a very good building for lots of cultural activity. This image shows the entrance space that is used for exhibitions and various gatherings

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