Video of the oil making

ISArC, the art academy in Mozambique has run its first year and the second intake of students will take place over the Christmas break, which here in the Southern hemisphere is summer holiday. Next March the school will start its second year of full program. But the lower level high school ENAV is 30 years old and graduates ‘finalistas’ and some of them are eager to apply into ISArC for further education. The Icelandic graphic design teacher, Sóley Stefánsdóttir was responsible for the finalistas in graphic design in Maputo this year and her students did various projects. Alice decided to do a packaging project for the oil that her mother makes. Here is a short video showing the beautiful mother and daughter and a bit of the process in the oil making.

The label on the bottle that Alice designed under the supervision of Sóley. For her final she also had to design a poster and general profile material.

In my opinion this is very appropriate design for such a product, has the slight medical look while also being fresh. The logo has a leaf as should be obvious from the materials that are in the oil.

It is great to follow the development of the Mozambican students and to realize the potential from cooperation between a teacher from Europe and a student in Maputo. Their cooperation went very well as with all the students in the school.

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