My friends in Mona-Trio are playing in Joburg this weekend and I wish them luck while knowing they do not need luck they are very pro in their preparations. I went to the studio last week to see their run through of the program and take some photos. I have realized that what I like most is grab images of action and movement like dance and music. I enjoyed myself greatly, this is a kind of a metal sound, rather different to the more Marrabenta sound more common in Maputo, a city of great creativity in design, art and music and more intertwined than in most places. Actually I always say that the cidade here in Maputo is more like my 101 in Reykjavik than anywhere I have been in my life. Maybe that is why I really like to be here – it feels like home while being completely different!

Here is an album from my visit to the studio. I would love to see this band in Reykjavik in the Iceland Airvawes Festival. They would fit in.

Hard playing in the studio.

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