Recycle or Die says their web statement. The wonderful sisters from Neskaupsstaður a small town in Iceland that last week ran a hard core death metal music festival.

The best fashion designers in Iceland are a bunch of sisters that have developed a specific fashion line and attitude over the last 15 years. Their fashion is completely organic and recycling. They collect past clothing and redevelop it into new styles and use. Unfortunately they do not make things for men, but I managed to get out of them one jacket that is wonderful. They are named Aftur (meaning again) and their production happens in Iceland mostly although they are selling all over the world. There are few starry people that do not have some clothes from them and they specifically produce things for Björk, the Icelandic singer and many other superstars. I love these sisters, have proposed them for the ‘designer of the year’ price that is handed out every year in Iceland and they have never got it. They are completely uneducated in school and thus signify the incapability of my programs ha ha. Bára is the main driver in Reykjavik and the others play along and develop various side projects. Yesterday I was walking the main street in Reykjavik and met this performance outside their shop. Love you girls! You know that!

Aftur dot com

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