Great activity going on during day one of the market, agricultural products, design proposals, clothes and many other things for sale. Great to see the effort of all the people. 



Hard working Art school (or ex art school) students changing the environment in Reykjavik centre. Wonderful work to follow and see how they interact with the locals while changing the environment and providing opportunities for new actions.

The town square in almost centre of Reykjavik. The location is an old friend of mine since my father used to hang out in one of the cafes in the 50′s with the other socialist workers planning a better world and anti capitalism. Wonderful times with local strange people, actors, writers and artists.

A nice album of photos of action while the workshop and action takes place.

The young architects and designers in Reykjavik are making some effortive changes to an area in the downtown area. They suggest that they want to connect historical references to current day needs and behaviour.

They want to refer to the history of the town square named Óðinstorg as a market place, suggesting market events and cultural activity. There are architectural and programmatic proposals. It will be fun to follow what they are up to and how the effects will influence us that live in the close region. To me it will at least be fun, I walk through there every day, often many times per day. Great ex students from our Academy of Art in Reykjavik.

Here is a link to the project description and plans. Have a look and more than that, come over for a visit. It is great to have young designers, architects and artists working for a better world.


Here is the Cafe that is in the square that we use all the time and that gives us spirit to continue!! C is for Cookie Reykjavík. Just click on it to see the things you can get and the recommendation for the great espresso!