The Iceland Academy of Art and the Oslo National Academy of Art are running a short master course in Iceland in July like before. This is a dream of mine and Goddur, my friend and professional partner in searching for ‘other’ directions in design creativity.

A photo from the workshop studio. The regular boat from Europe is just coming into the harbor. One can not be more close to the international communication.

We do have a location in the East of Iceland in Seyðisfjörður where there are various locations for art and design from governal institutions and private interests. I must admit that I do actually enjoy the location and the athmosphere there but most of all meeting all the enthusiastic people searching for alternative perspectives to creativity and design.

This year we are concentrating on creativity from before textual introduction, something that happened in the years 500-1000 after Christ. Of course they had text before but it was overdriven and opressed by the Christian World Dominance, and much of it has been lost or supressed badly by arrogant one line educationalism. We like to find the origins of form, ideas and links to environmental and locational happenings. So we are looking at sweat lodges, something that I have got to know from Canada and all over Nordic region and now also from Russia and Siberia. So we spend the days looking and testing and then later drive ideas for further research.

Here is a link to the official longer workshop that is happening at the same time.

And here is a link to the workshop website with all the logical (and illogical) information about our workshop.