Volcom Job. Have a look here.

One of my students from Oslo just got a job. This is always nice, and especially when they get a job in a place that is doing worth while things.

In my opinion anything that works against boredom is good so I support Joachim and his gang greatly. Can not wait for popping over for a visit one day.

Joachim Kvernstrøm has been our student in fashion design in Oslo for a while. He came into my faculty from studying in London for BA. We somehow got on very well from the beginning and he came to Maputo to work with my students in the Maputo school when I was running a course there with the help of the Norwegian school. There he was part of a great gang that worked with the local students and teachers in an intensive workshop. See for example here.

Joachim was very stimulating for the Mozambican students and we had great time working together. He did actually promise to make me an overcoat from a tent, something that I will remind him of regularly for the coming years ha ha!

Anyway he did apply for a job in France some time ago and last week he went for an interview and he got the in-house designer job along with other five other mad designers. He is going to work with the Volcom gang in Southern France. I love some of what they are up to, like this.

Joachim with my students in Maputo going through knitting methods. Here is an album from the workshop.

I wish him all the best in his new job, starting on August 1st and I look forward to popping over when I pass through France next time. And of course claim my tent ha ha!

The company website from France.