The fortress that is located close to Maputo old harbour

There is regularly a market of crafts here in Maputo, every Saturday morning in a square here in town, but occasionally also in the old colonial fortress. The regular market is fine if one can manage the fairly pushy salesmen. Interestingly it is clear that the men are aggressive but the lady salesmen are relaxed and sympathetic to talk to.

But the market in the fortress is different in the way that it sells products from small workshops that are actually in Mozambique, run by some support organizations or just collectives of artisans. Some part of the stuff that is for sale on the street is suspected to be not actually produced in the country or even in Africa –  a common case for lots of tourist stuff all over the world.

The spaces in the fortress are very intimate and good for such small shops

Here are images from the market, – and since I am off to Europe it might happen that some of the nice Xmas presents that I am taking with me are from there.

Clothing stand

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