Christina and Zeze testing and blogging. 3 computers and of course coffee

There are actually three people now located in Maputo on behalf of my institute, The Oslo National Academy of the Arts. I am here on behalf of the Faculty of Design and to promote design as a strategic part of culture, especially in cooperation with ISArC, the new national academy here. This has been posted many a time. But the Faculty of Performing Arts in KHiO also has a cooperation ageement with the Mozambican National Dance Company, an institution that is now 30 years old, running shows and various activities. There are here two active Norwegian ladies, Zeze Kolstad, a dancer and choreographer, and Christina Skalstad, a communication and project manager. They have been here now for 11 months participating in the dance and project activities in Maputo.

We meet of course to compare notes and support each other. Today we ran a little workshop in my place to improve the communication about the work that they are doing. Both of them set up new websites and over the coming weeks will post news about their work and generally about cultural activity in Mozambique. We had great time, 3 computers and internet, set up simple blog sites and I recommend friends to have a peek.

This is exactly the strategy that we follow. It is the fundamental role of design to facilitate communication and services so that information can flow better beetween our respective institutions in both locations and to the international community.

My opinion is that the people in KHiO should be proud of the international operations that are going on. The academy also has cooperation in many other international locations, China, Palestine, Afganistan and more informally all over the world. This activity is the result of efforts in the academy and support comes from the Norwegian Government and the Norwegian Peace Institute. Norway puts today more funds into development work per capita than any other nation and we of course hope that this strategic effort makes a difference. That is why we are in Mozambique and that is what keeps us going. To think about the future generations and transfer of knowledge in both directions. We have lots to learn and we in the North are gaining lots of knowledge about conditions and solutions, both for home and for other activities. It so happens that more then 50% of users of design today live in the so called developing world and we have to make sure that our students gain knowledge and experience in dealing with the issues that come up.

Integration, cross-disciplinary activity, cooperation and transfer of knowledge from Oslo and especially to Oslo is one of the great opportunities that are going to be even greater now that the academy is finally located in one campus.

Have a peek at the blogs. Here is ZEZE and here is CHRISTINA Of course they are just starting, so give them some slack in judging their efforts, but at least I am going to be following the activity of my fellow workers. And maybe in the coming months we can also create more actual cooperation in communication and strategy here in Mozambique.

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