Filimone Meigos, director of ISArC and Stein Røkseth, dean of the Faculty of Design in Oslo standing with the informative banners about the cooperation. Photos of ISArC students in action. They are standing ‘off’ the red carpet that was put out for Sonja, queen of Norway.

We have had a very productive week in Oslo, when the director of ISArC, Filimone Meigos has been on a visit to the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. He did actually not have much time off since we had a stiff program of meetings and visits. On the Friday there was an inauguration ceremony for the new campus in Oslo, including receptions and student party. Here is an informal photo album from the week of visit.

Mr Meigos had meetings with many actors in KHiO and in Oslo that are current or potential cooperators for the development of the ISArC program. A short report and statement of intentions is being drafted in early 2011, both to manifest a vision for the longer future and also to make concrete plans for 2011 and 2012.

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