Filimone Meigos, director of ISAC and Cecilie Broch Knudsen, rector of KHiO, the two leaders that have signed the formal cooperation agreement on June 15th 2010.

As those that have followed my work for a while know, I have been working in Mozambique supporting the establishment of the promising new and first National Academy of Art (Instituto Superiore de Artes e Cultura, ISArC) in the country. This is a state school, with its own administration and teachers. The school was formally established on September 3rd last year and preliminary teaching started on September 8th. Now the first proper semester is coming to a close with a number of good local teachers, nice group of students and formal timetables etc. It has been great following the progress and today there has been signed a formal agreement about the cooperation between the new school and my institute in Norway, KHiO: The Oslo National Academy of the Arts. I returned to Maputo few days ago from meetings and planning that took place in Oslo and brought the signed agreement and a message from the rector of my school Cecilie Broch Knudsen to the general director of ISArC, Filimone Meigos, who has now also signed and sealed it.

This is a stepping stone in the continuation of the work that I have been doing in Maputo during the last year and completes my dream of creating a good cooperation between Mozambican education in design and the same in Norway. I hope that the cooperation can spread wider in the North, but the director if ISArC has already signed similar agreements with schools in countries that are closer to Mozambique culturally like Spain and Portugal. The photos show the rectors and I am looking forward to the next stages in our work, when designers, teachers and design students from the two schools start to meet and work together.

Filimone Meigos and Cecilie Broch Knudsen in action in their respective institutions.

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