The main boundary wall to the right when entering the site is painted with the mural by Gilles and Cecilie

The Danse’Artes project is moving in strides. Construction is in full action and sure has to be since the first opening ceremony is planned next week on the 23rd of June. The project is a great initiative of artists and entrepreneurs in Mozambique. I admire the stamina and hard work that they are putting into the preparation and work. Gilles and Cecilie participated by placing their projected mural in the complex by great invitation of Maria Helena Pinto, primus motor of the project, – or that is what I have come to understand.

This is the plan of the project. The entrance is from the right, where a small guard house will stand. The mural by Gilles and Cecilie is to the right of the entrance way. The list of activities housed is:

  1. 1 grand dance theatre
  2. 2 changing rooms
  3. 3 six artist in residence apartments
  4. 4 accommodation buiding for local artists
  5. 5 kitchen and utilities
  6. 6 offices, admin
  7. 7 cyber cafe
  8. 8 gym

Rejao is responsible for covering completely the house that is to accommodate the local artists. He has chosen to paint only in black and white. The mural illustrates a story about dance. The mural by Gilles and Cecilie is seen in the background on the boundary wall.

The plan is to complete the project within the next two years. There is a crowd of local workers there casting contrete, they actually cast the concrete blocks on site, just like used to be done in Europe before everything was mechanized.

An architectural 3d representation of the project. The guard’s house is the one in the front. The house accommodating local artists is the small one on the right, this is the one that Rejao is painting now. The cyber cafe is the small building with the yellow tower/symbol on the left of the entrance behind which is the theatre and furthest in the background are the two story houses with apartments for artists in residence.

Here is a collection of photos from the mural painting activity and work on site.

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