The Mural in DANSE’ARTES starting, the paint workshop on the beautiful African soil.

Murals are really interesting activity since it involves so many actors in very different roles. The project here in Maputo has developed in interesting directions. I am writing reflections about the project.

I have listed the main factors to reflect on:

  1. A group of individuals creates a composed harmony.
  2. Communication to the public
  3. Interaction with the public during production
  4. The theme requires socio political synthesis during instigation
  5. Scale requires different competence for composition
  6. Meeting between the rational world of owners and creative world of the artists.
  7. Administrative difficulties with time and authority.
  8. Great individual satisfaction in work when goal is agreed.
  9. Public promotion and self satisfaction in completion.

Gilles and Cecilie are creating a mural in Matola, close to ISAC, of course with mine and other’s help. It is very interesting to participate in this and interact with all the people that are involved.

Here are some photos of the project.

The formidable Maria Helena Pito in her office in DANSE’ARTES, meeting us before we started, discussing preparation etc. Great fun!

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