Karina and Reidar, professor of visual communication in KHiO design faculty

Karina, the leader of the design department in ISAC has come for a visit to Oslo to meet the people in KHiO. We visited together all the specializations in the design faculty, fashion, furniture/product and visual communication. Karina and our work in Maputo was met with great enthusiasm by hard working teachers. Me and Karina had also meetings with the administrators and rector Cecilie discussing how to run our joint project between ISAC and KHiO.

Karina visiting the fashion and costume department in KHiO, here with Kathryn and Kirsti

We also had a good meeting in Fredskorpset with Thore Anton Bredeveien where he informed us about how they run their projects and what formalities we have to look out for. We will soon be ready to write that project proposal when we return to Maputo and the formal appointments of the professor positions have been made by the Mozambican Government.

Karina in Seilduken in Oslo overlooking the building process for the new premises that KHiO moves in next summer

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