Today we had a critique about the work the students in ISAC did for the detournament course that we have been running to develop a critical perspective to the work they might do, coinciding with the general elections here in the end of last month. The work is of various quality while the process has been an inspiring period for us all.
Now we go into the last project of the semester, the first ever semester in the school. We are going to have a final festival on the 26th of November where the different groups are to produce projects on the theme: BLACK AND WHITE. The 26th of Nov is an important date for ISAC because exactly one year ago on that date in 2008 was presented the first anouncement of the academy in the papers on, yes you guessed it: black on white.
Here are images of the work today for the detournament showing the activity and a collection of images, posters, ideas etc.


November 9, 2009   Posted in: DESIGN, ISAC - KHiO