My official drawing of the house. The small alcove on the left has still not been erected but will go up this coming summer.

One of my architectural projects is coming along now. It is a private house in Iceland, on the outskirts of Reykjavik, where most of Icelanders actually live. The owners are just going to move in and the zinc is being clad on the main bulk of the house. I have nothing to say about the project at this time but like to post these pics of the cladding.

The house seen from the street. The zinc cladding is coming on and the concrete is to be treated. Icelandic spring trees wait for the leaves. Timber front door and a bridge is to be made to the door.

The house seen from below. Here the zinc has still the plastic coating on and one can detect a guy working on the cladding. The kitchen is located on this side with windows to the river below and distant mountains.

May 9, 2011   Posted in: ARCHITECTURE, DESIGN, ICELAND